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Sylmar is the world capital of hang gliding and pilots have been flying hang gliders in these mountains since 1969. The first U.S. National Hang Gliding Championships were held here in 1973.

The Flight Park is located just outside of Los Angeles and we enjoy around 300 days of flying a year. Please check out the rules and site information before flying here. The Sylmar Hang Gliding Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization. Dues and other payments can be sent via PayPal.

Pilots and non-pilots are welcome to enjoy our flight park year 'round! Fly high, fly far, fly safe!

It's gotta fit! Dahlsten Cup, 2017.   

Passing of a Friend
November 15, 2017
Shadow, Rob's constant companion, passed away this morning after a brief battle with cancer. Keep her in your memories.

Towers Launch remains closed following the Sand Fire, and the Forest Service will keep it that way until at least April 28, 2018.

November 20, 2017 8:28am
Report of iffy conditions on Sunday. Greblo got off in a light, 1kt puff blowing in. He got 100' over. The other two pilots drove down. TODAY.......blowing down. No edges today. NW over the mountains. 10 to 12kts on launch and more velocity higher up.

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December 9, 2017
Holiday Party
If you are experiencing issues with the email link below, please send mail directly to Jim Thompson, available in the Members section or speak to one of the Activities Directors.

If you are experiencing issues with the SHGA Paypal link and wish to make a donation, please feel free to bring your donation to the party where the collection box will be made available.

All SHGA members, their families and friends are welcome to join the celebration at The 19th Hole at El Cariso Golf Course on December 9th from 5PM until 11PM.

The buffet menu includes:
• Beef tri-tip with horse radish sauce
• Chicken with wine sauce
• Vegetarian pasta
• Roasted rosemary potatoes (vegan)
• Steamed vegetables (vegan)
• Desserts
• Complimentary lemonade and coffee

Alcoholic and soft drink beverages will be available for purchase at the restaurant bar.

The restaurant requires a head count this year so please reserve your seat(s) by email to this link with the number in your party by November 15th. Seating will be limited to the number of advanced reservations received!

Those wishing to make a donation to defray costs ($20/person, suggested) may do so using the PayPal link with a “Holiday Party” comment but must reserve using email.
Note: if the email link fails, send a message to Jim Thompson from the Members section.

Landing out
Landing away from a familiar LZ is one of the most challenging things we do as hang glider pilots. Practice is hugely valuable, and if the ability to land out is important to your flying style, then it's worth intentionally doing so on occasion.

Walking the most likely bail-out LZs is another great way to reduce risk. Here in Sylmar, our bail-out LZs change continually as the forces of wilderness and urbanization battle against each other along the foot of the mountains. While there are descriptions here, it is worth visiting them in person every now and again.


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