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Sylmar is the world capital of hang gliding and pilots have been flying hang gliders in these mountains since 1969. The first U.S. National Hang Gliding Championships were held here in 1973.

The Flight Park is located just outside of Los Angeles and we enjoy around 300 days of flying a year. Please check out the rules and site information before flying here. The Sylmar Hang Gliding Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization. Dues and other payments can be sent via PayPal to .

Pilots and non-pilots are welcome to enjoy our flight park year 'round! Fly high, fly far, fly safe!

Prayers and thoughts for Ron Keinan   

Sept 29th, 2016

Thank you to retired pilot Fernando Escobar for constructing our new bathroom foundation. Additionally, he poured a 65 feet addition to our parking lot curbing. Fernando's construction company was also responsible for the installation of our pavilion patio.

Our new bathrooms are currently under construction at the manufacturer and will be "dropped" onto the foundation in one day once complete. Estimated completion time at this point is less than one month.

September 29, 2016 7:51am
Report of nice looking conditions with a brief shower at 5:30pm on Wednesday. No flights. TODAY...... solid onshore this afternoon. Already much hazier. Winds aloft are SW 4 to 6kts. The blip has an altitude over 9K for no apparent reason. The rasp is more reasonable. Max altitude 6,500ft. Cutter or call (626) 260-1615.

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October 1 ,2016
Dahlsten Cup Fly-In
The Dahlsten Cup celebrates the memory of Mary and Karl Dahlsten, staunch supporters of flying in Sylmar beginning in the 70s. This year's Dalhsten Cup Event is scheduled for Saturday the 1st of October. Activities will include:

  Off to the races! Task trophies will   be awarded for:
    •Open Class (topless)
    •Sport class (king-posted)

  You have to come down sometime so...
    •Spot landing contest(everyone!)

Silent Auction Come bid on your favorite memorabilia and other valuables.

Raffle! One lucky winner receives a storage tube for an entire year! $5 donation suggested.

Taco catering will be here!

9:00 AM Set Up
9:30-10:30 Pilot check-in and GPS registration
10:30 Pilot meeting for all competitors
10:30-5:00 Bids accepted for auction and raffle tickets available.
11:00-12 Up we go!
TBA Launch windows for both classes (typically, 1PM – 2:30)
4:00 Eats begin!
5:00 Awards for Comp
5:30 Raffle and auction winners announced.

Please! Your help is needed. We are seeking non-flying volunteers to manage the following:

• Two people to measure and record distances for the spot landing contest.

• The same two people will judge landings for the Golden Dart award.

• One person to collect money and distribute tickets for the storage tube raffle.

Please notify the Activities Directors to take on one of these jobs or to offer assistance with other items that are sure to come up.
More to follow.

Decmber 10,2016
Holiday Party
We want everyone to have a chance to plan and attend so, a little advance notice:
This year's holiday event will be held on Saturday Evening, December 10th.
Please mark your calendar! Tickets will go on sale soon. Watch this space for updates.

Memories fade...
Last week an infrequent pilot was very low turning to the Base Leg....

Do you have a clear priority list for your launch, flight, and landing, such that when the details of flying fade (as all memories naturally do), you have something reliable that will remain? What's your top priority for landing? Second-highest? 3rd? 4th?

How about for Launching? In-flight?

Brain memory is chemical. Airliners use written lists. What technique do you prefer?


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