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Sylmar is the world capital of hang gliding and pilots have been flying hang gliders in these mountains since 1969. The first U.S. National Hang Gliding Championships were held here in 1973.

The Flight Park is located just outside of Los Angeles and we enjoy around 300 days of flying a year. Please check out the rules and site information before flying here. The Sylmar Hang Gliding Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization. Dues and other payments can be sent via PayPal to .

Pilots and non-pilots are welcome to enjoy our flight park year 'round! Fly high, fly far, fly safe!

Prayers and thoughts for Ron Keinan   

Jan 18th, 2017

Bathroom update: Thank you to Greg Jones, Marshal Robin, Frederick Wagner and a few other volunteers who helped caulk and paint the wood siding last Saturday . At least now the bathrooms can ride out the incoming storms without any water getting in. Richard Shaw continues to lay down tile in the north bathroom.

Towers Launch remains closed and the Forest Service wants to keep it closed until next spring at the earliest

January 18, 2017 8:54am
No reports for Tuesday. TODAY......another flyable day. S winds across the region ahead of the next weather system. Winds aloft are SSE, 8 to 10kts. Increasing cloudiness with Van Nuys TAF forecasting a scattered deck at 2,500ft and a broken deck at 15K. Max altitude 4,500ft.

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January 1, 2017
Thanks For a Great Year!
We really want to extend our gratitude to all the members of our club for their energy, their helpfulness & thoughtfulness, their enthusiasm, their generosity... Everything you all have done to make 2016 a great year to serve as your Activities Directors. THANK YOU!

We look forward to having fun with all of you in 2017!

January 21, 2017
In Memoriam
On a more somber note, we are planning to honor the memory of our friend, Orian Price, on Saturday, January 21st, at 3PM.

Orian's mother and sister will be attending. His family would very much appreciate hearing stories of Orian and just speaking with his friends. Anyone may speak at the event.

If you have pictures to share, you may bring them or you may send them to Jim Thompson to print; do the same, if you cannot attend but have words or a story you want to share.
Please pass the word on to anyone who may be interested.  

Let's provide Orian's family and everyone attending an uplifting celebration of Orian's life!

Flying in the rain
While we don't often launch in the rain, sometimes we encounter showers in flight, and even virga that doesn't reach the ground can get our gliders wet.

Water will form beads on mylar (plastic film) sails, rather than soaking in as it does on dacron cloth. Just like the dimples on a golf ball, these beads affect the airflow. This increases turbulence as the air flows over the wing, causing earlier flow separation, and a higher stall speed. The effect is dramatic on gliders with mylar leading edges, while all-dacron gliders are pretty much immune.

The higher stall speed makes landings more difficult, and it is not a bad idea to experiment with glider handling and the onset of stall at altitude before making a landing approach. But practicing a full-flare landing at altitude is a recipe for a tail-slide and tumble, and that is a bad idea.


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